176 Ridgedale Ave. Morristown,NJ 07960

You can find Escentually Natural Products at the Morristown Agway. 

Behind Our Products

My name is Rachel Feldman, founder of Escentually Natural Products. I've been asked many times what our name means & how we came up with it. Our products are Essential Oil based and Essentially what we use on a daily basis to Protect & Pamper our bodies. So it's a play on words E-Scent (like the aroma) - U (as in yourself) - All (as in everyone & everything) Natural. Using Essentially (as in above all & most important) as the base word. 

Relax. Renew. Revive....is our motto!

We are a family run company specializing in Handmade Spa Therapy and Personal Care. Our collections of All-Natural, Organic, and Non-GMO products are created from Organic Botanicals grown mostly in my home garden in Morristown, NJ. Our products are infused with only the best 100% Therapeutic Essential Oils to aid in pampering yourself.

I’m a lover of nature and pursued my studies and career in the horticulture industry. It all began in Southeast Michigan where my true love for gardening was born alongside my grandparents in their garden. They showed me how great beauty and life comes from the earth.

Years ago, my sister introduced me to Young Living Essential Oils and I have been Young Living Loyal ever since. Essential oils are such an important part of mine and my family’s life. We use them on a daily basis in many different ways. I can honestly say that Essential Oils have blessed my life and the lives of those around me and I’m so grateful.

Escentually Natural was created with the intention to bring health and well-being to others. Our products at Escentually Natural have been specially created with the intention of nurturing the body, mind and spirit. All the Botanicals and Essential Oils have been selected specifically for their medicinal properties to benefit the body, mind and spirit. Through my studies I’ve learned of and grown many botanicals. My focus has been on those that serve a medicinal purpose. I use these botanicals to create the Escentually Natural Spa Therapy & Personal Care Products.

As essential oil users, we recognize the need for pure, organic therapeutic grade products without added chemicals. We are committed to using only the highest quality, certified organic and natural ingredients to enrich the lives of our consumers. We create and use our products daily and ensure they are of the finest quality to give to others.

We strive to give our customers a positive experience with our products and customer service. Each recipe we create is made with the healing properties that each plant carries, and we carefully blend each together to bring you the purest products as nature intended.